Smart Product and System Development

Achieve rapid transformation with software defined products through our end-to-end services for embedded software and systems.

Capgemini’s solutions and expertise help you to build smart products for the connected world. Our end-to-end services and capabilities in designing, developing, and transitioning smart products to manufacturing sets us apart. We help in enabling the digital transformation to improve product performance and end-user experience.

As IoT gains momentum, smart and connected products are transforming every aspect of life. With over 1 trillion connected devices expected by 2020, consumerization of technology and rich software-defined products, the economic impact for product companies is huge. Capgemini’s expertise in product engineering, experience in key industries, partnerships with leading IoT platform providers, investments in process and technology assets come together to provide complete IoT solutions. Our consulting and strategic expertise enables us to envision the next, resulting in scalable and innovative models and highly efficient products.

Capgemini excels in the embedded systems space with product design services. With our expertise in innovative hardware and system architectural design, we build custom programmed and complex embedded products. Our in-house R&D team specializes in firmware development, PCB design, processor architecture, cross-compiler system, VLSI, system modeling and simulation.

Our Offerings

  • Product Requirement Analysis
  • Product Architecture Design
    • Product and system architecture design
    • System modeling and simulation
  • Product Detailed Design
    • Electronic hardware design
    • Firmware and software design
    • VLSI design
    • Enclosure and mechanical design
    • Mechatronics design
  • Multi-disciplinary Product Engineering
  • Product Compliance and Certification
  • Product and System Testing
  • Prototyping

Frameworks and Accelerators

  • Backplane Analyzer: High speed capture of backplane signals through Virtex-5 FPGA, using gigabit ethernet communication for live streaming. This tool has the ability to customize data capture from any interface and reduce system test time.
  • KBE Framework: CAD customization and automation framework for cost saving and lesser time to market. We help clients with fully parametric CAD models, CAD part/assembly templates, BOM/ drawing automation, PMI data on 3D models, intelligent tolerance stacking, CAD data quality check automation.