Enabling the Smart Substation

Enhancing utility reliability, sustainability and resiliency through Substation and Edge-of-the-Grid Automation

Increased use of distributed energy resources (DERs), electric vehicles (EVs), and intelligent automation applications require a significant change in the way today’s power grid is designed, built and operated. To maintain a stable, efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem, utilities must transform the grid from a rigid, one-way journey to a two-way exchange of power, data and communication.

Substation & Edge-of-the-Grid Automation is a new, real-time, adaptive solution from Capgemini and Intel that leverages data, analytics and intelligent automation to help utilities monitor and manage load and flow across all grid assets, simplify the energy ecosystem, prioritize production and consumption of clean energy sources, and flatten the rate structure. Through substation modernization, utilities can improve the overall reliability, resiliency and sustainability of the grid while also unlocking valuable operational efficiencies and cost reductions.

Purpose built for grid transformation

Capgemini and Intel’s Substation & Edge-of-the-Grid Automation service offer is the only non-proprietary, end-to-end, industry-driven solution that addresses the full energy value chain, from consulting and business services, to implementation and integration through delivery and operations.

The solution combines Capgemini’s extensive domain expertise and business consulting services with Intel’s best-in-class technology and AI/machine learning capabilities to help utility clients enable the multidirectional flow needed to seamlessly manage supply and demand across the grid, including large and small loads and a variety of generation sources.

The Substation & Edge-of-the-Grid Automation solution is fully integrated with the Intel platform and can be operated through engineering, research & development services. System upgrades and maintenance are also supported as a service, improving flexibility and scalability while enabling valuable operational efficiencies and cost savings throughout the business.

Driving business value through a two-way grid

Grid transformation begins with substation modernization. Capgemini and Intel’s Substation & Edge-of-the-Grid Automation solution helps organizations jumpstart their transformation journey by enhancing the digital capabilities of existing substations through data, analytics and intelligent automation.

Transforming your organization through substation modernization

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To learn more about how Capgemini and Intel can help your organization accelerate its grid modernization journey, please contact our industry experts.

Thierry Batut, Smart Services Business Development Lead, Capgemini

Charles Cote, Technical Enablement Lead, Capgemini

About the Capgemini & Intel partnership

The Substation & Edge-of-the-Grid Automation solution is the latest example of Capgemini and Intel’s long-time partnership. These two organizations have a deep and rich history of working together to create and deliver innovative cross-industry end-to-end solutions to help organizations transform their core business, enable new operating models, and launch services for the future.

Learn more about the Capgemini Intel partnership.

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