High Tech

Software defined product differentiation has reshaped the world of high tech and information infrastructure. We help product companies adopt this transformation to deliver innovative product solutions ahead of time.

Through our comprehensive product engineering services portfolio, we help our clients differentiate their products at each stage, starting from new product development and ecosystem validation to in-market engineering and end of life sustaining.

Over the past two decades, we have evolved as a trusted solution provider for high tech, information infrastructure and software companies. We ensure that our clients utilize our ecosystem right from the ideation to engineering to product maintenance, complimented by our industry-ready accelerators and assets.

Our Focus Sectors

High Tech

We help set new standards for the modern data centers and high tech systems offering speed, scalability, agility, security and optimized cost.

  • Software Defined Data Centers
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Data Center Management
  • Security – Product Hardening, Compliance
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Networking Infrastructure


  • Radio Networks
  • Core & Enterprise Networks
  • Edge / MEC
  • Customer Premise Equipment
  • Transport Network
  • 5G


  • Content Delivery Network
  • Digital Asset Management platforms
  • OTT applications & APIs
  • Media Analytics

Key Offerings

Product Sustenance platform

  • Bouquet of product engineering and sustaining services
  • AI powered tools and accelerators
  • Defined frameworks for each stage
  • Assured cost saving, while maintaining SLAs

Technology Transformation services

  • AI/ML
  • 5G
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Immersive Content

Ecosystem Engineering

  • Product testing
  • Test automation
  • ISV validation
  • Performance engineering
  • Professional services

Value Through Solution Accelerators

Our state-of-the art labs and dedicated practices have built solution accelerators targeting end user satisfaction and product development needs of the sectors and delivering benefits like increased productivity in specific phases by upto 70% and reduced overall time to market by upto 20%.

  • Product Sustenance Platform
  • Triage and Analytics Framework
  • Test Automation Framework
  • SDDC Solution
  • Quality Transformation Solution (QTRON)
  • Chain Code Workflows



5G in industrial operations

How telcos and industrial companies stand to benefit


QTRON– The Quality Transformer

QTRON, Capgemini’s in-house tool to automate data driven test execution, has been developed to address the challenges for the testing team.