Consumer Products & Retail

Insights-Driven Business

The way we shop and our expectations of the retail experience have changed forever. Retailers must now respond to this shift, by designing and delivering seamless and meaningful experiences when engaging with customers, experiences which differentiate them from the competition and build loyalty.

The Key challenges

Much is written about the pace of change in our lives, the shift in power to people, the time we devote devices and social channels …and our immense trail of new data. We won’t say more here. In this environment the implications for business are significant.

Marketers must stretch resources across tens of channels and devices, identifying micro triggers and groups that used to be targeted en masse. A new level of targeting is needed, and level of team enablement to democratize analytics more deeply in marketing.

Product and supply chain teams are faced both by new micro segments with transient behaviors and failures in old mass promotional strategies – driving write offs; obsolescence; and forcing new innovation and broad tails of SKUs into production. Predicting profitable and localized demand is the difference between profit and loss.

IT and central insights teams are finding that legacy systems often struggle to serve the right insights using internal data let alone new sources. Looking across geographies corporate centers see brands and local teams often impatient, buying their own data, insights and solutions over and over again, yet falling short of deeper needs.

Whilst there is challenge new data presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn and build intimacy with customers. Many providers offer beautifully visualized sources and solutions, yet only you have core insight to your product, channel profitability and sales. Mastering insight at a new level is becoming a competitive imperative to be built into your DNA.

Our solution

Our approach focuses on creating intuitive experiences through omni-channel interactions, seamlessly connected through CRM which result in relevant and timely customer incentives and rewards. It is the confluence of these three areas of omni-channel, next generation CRM and reinvented customer incentives, underpinned with rich customer data, which allows the creation of experiences which drive profitable behavioural shifts and builds real loyalty.

We believe in putting the customer at the heart of the retail business and are passionate and committed to helping our clients through the end to end journey – from shaping the proposition to building, embedding and exploiting the leading class customer engagement capabilities they will need.

Insights in a Box: Our platforms for new and traditional data and analytics, allow clients to switch on and prove value from traditional and big new dataset in weeks or even days. Saving you months of costly learning, integration and years of IP and know how, we bring use cases that work and allow you to easily integrate proprietary data.

Analytics Hothouse: Coupled with our platforms we bring people, process and partnering methods to help embed analytics into core processes and your people’s work. Layering metrics and continuous improvement into the approach allows you to optimize and prepare to scale.

Analytics at Scale: We partner to build and scale capabilities across global organizations. We also run global data and analytics services. Together we make it simple for clients implement new analytics operating models and technology essentials:

  • The data essentials – frameworks, models, standards, privacy and security
  • The skills, capabilities and technologies to deliver insight from varied sources
  • The deep Master Data Management (MDM) and data mastery under the hood that makes this economic
  • The mechanisms and ability to join this insight together with business routines to improve decision-making across the organization.

Why Capgemini Invent?

Capgemini has worked with, and is continuing to work with, many leading retailers to help digitally transform their business, helping them to put their customers at the heart of the business and use this to create new, relevant and rewarding ways to engage customers through their shopping journey. As recognized leaders in this field, we offer:

  • Industry-leading digital solutions tailored for retail; these are based on world-class research (for example, through our longstanding partnerships with MIT and IMRG) plus real-life, practical delivery experience
  • A collaborative way of working with clients to ensure that solutions are fit for purpose and that knowledge transfer is in place
  • A global pool of retail, customer experience and digital experience, so that we can instantaneously tap into expert advice and experience
  • Proven design and delivery experience of transformative customer engagement and loyalty programme’s across many retail industries from grocery to fashion to home furnishing & DIY.

Players in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry have been driving the data engine by using analytics to accelerate customer understanding.