Intelligent Asset Monitoring

Intelligence across the asset network is the key to innovation, customer centricity, and operational efficiency in an era of internet-connected devices

As industries gradually move away from age-related maintenance schedules and visual inspections, they are investing in new technologies including remote asset tracking and monitoring, preventive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, and predictive maintenance to drive efficiencies and cut costs. In addition to addressing operational efficiency in asset management, asset intensive companies are also focusing on value creation through customer-centric operations and new revenue streams.

Today’s industry assets for manufacturing, energy & utilities, construction, transportation & logistics, smart cities, aerospace and defense are diverse, complex, and often spread over large areas. Maintaining these assets and identifying weak points before failure is a major challenge—and failure or unavailability of critical assets may lead to delayed operations, monetary losses, and poor customer service.

An IoT-based solution unlocks hidden potential by tracking mission-critical assets while preventing failures

Capgemini has partnered with Intel to develop an end-to-end solution for tracking the asset lifecycle that will reduce expensive preventive maintenance, offline outages, and resource-intensive costs.

The open, XIoT-based solution captures different types of data from different types of sensors, business applications and IoT devices to monitor the globally dispersed asset network. In aggregate, these devices provide instant snapshots of asset health and performance with information such as condition, age, location, vibration, flow rates, pressure, temperature, and other operational characteristics.

The proven Capgemini XIoT solution with Intel technologies provides organizations with the ability to automatically collect and analyze data from connected devices, sensors, machines, and people as well as to recommend and take appropriate actions. The fully integrated combination of Intel’s hardware, software, and security ecosystem with Capgemini’s XIoT middleware and analytics capabilities provides a unique, business-case oriented, and secure end-to-end IoT platform solution, available “as-a-service” and ready for industrial deployment.

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Intelligent Asset Monitoring is an official Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Market Ready Solution

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Thierry Batut
Smart Services XIoT EMEA/APAC XIoT and Utilities Business Development Lead

Charles Cote
Smart Services XIoT NA/LATAM and Utilities Sales Enablement Lead and Solution Architect

Philippe Ravix
Smart Services Global XIoT Lead

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