Mainframe & iSeries to Cloud

Firms can get started on their digital transformation journey by identifying and migrating workloads to the cloud. The benefits of cloud are well known, including decreased IT costs while allowing organizations the flexibility to scale their processes up or down depending on changing demand. However, incumbents saddled with legacy systems may find this task daunting.

Mainframe & iSeries to Cloud enables firms to successfully accelerate legacy application migration to the cloud

Capgemini’s Mainframe to Cloud solution is a scalable, robust and highly secure solution that distinguishes the critical mainframe components from the obsolete and/or redundant components that can be unloaded before migration. Those that are retained are configured as business function-based modules that can be regenerated as microservices, driving cloud-native development.

The solution is powered by our state-of-the-art CAP360 tool suite, an industry-leading legacy code analysis platform that assesses, componentizes and prioritizes based on feasibility, criticality, target availability and business benefit.

This holistic solution modernizes mainframe applications and addresses key business pain areas like agility, maintainability, elasticity, scalability, interoperability between systems and high operational expenditures.

Our solution is designed to intricately weave together all the crucial stages of the cloud journey into a controlled, cost-effective and risk-demystified transformation roadmap. The phases of the transformation journey bring:

  • Automated Inventory Analysis at a granular code level
  • Componentization of business functions using Domain-Driven Framework
  • Reverse Engineering to preserve the important business rules
  • Building robust interim state integration architecture
  • Agile and DevOps Methodology
  • Enabling Cloud Native Development of microservices

Why Capgemini?

We partner with leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services  Google Cloud and IBM Cloud to enable our clients to adopt a cloud-first strategy and realize business objectives.

For a US-based automotive solutions provider, we successfully delivered the transformation of their core legacy dealer management system into a microservices-based architecture on cloud for higher agility and improved business processes.

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