Modernize and Migrate Legacy Applications

Are your legacy applications holding you back? Or can you actually leverage them to help drive your cloud transformation?

Our proven legacy migration approach optimizes costs, risks – and results

Like many organizations, you depend on legacy applications at the core of your operations. But aging software should not derail your cloud strategy. Such as Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 both nearing end of support in June 2019 and January 2020 respectively.

Capgemini has the knowledge, experience, and processes to confidently migrate most if not all of your applications to the cloud. By methodically assessing your software and applying business requirements, we can minimize disruption, reduce costs, and optimize speed. We can also rearchitect, rehost, and apply DevOps practices. So, you can optimize the returns on your cloud investment.

Legacy migration services to meet your needs

Capgemini’s application modernization services allow you to take advantage of three migration options:

Lift and shift – Rehost workloads in the cloud with limited or no changes. Lift and shift enables you to “copy and paste” application workloads and run as-is in the cloud.

Cloud-enabled virtual automation – Leverage a refactor migration path for IT processes that are modified to take advantage of automation and limited cloud capabilities. This approach enables redeployment with an orchestration platform – while preparing you for a DevOps practice. Automated infrastructure operations are available in a self-service portal. Containerization lets you benefit from microservices.

DevOps transformation – Choose this option to transform IT and business processes. You can migrate workloads as an automatic deployment with an orchestration platform and automated release-management pipeline. Deploy on a landing platform to benefit from microservices, and facilitate the implementation of a DevOps practice.

Transform and succeed
Capgemini boasts a proven track record in volume migration of legacy applications. We can help you get a handle on migration risks, determine which applications you should move in which order, and predict the value you can expect to gain from your migration. We make sure your migration initiative is well planned and designed to meet your unique needs. We help you balance speed of migration against budgetary considerations – all with your business goals in mind. Throughout the process, our expert advisory, assessments, and accelerators help make sure your cloud transformation is a success – for IT and for the business.

Modernize web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends with Azure App Service:
Our clients have higher expectations for modern web applications than ever before.

CXOs are looking to: 

  • Accelerate innovation
  • Build apps faster
  • Reduce operational cost

Users need to access web applications 24/7 from anywhere in the world in a secure way. Our clients need flexibility and scalability to meet spikes in demand.

In the backend, lift & shift scenarios might not be enough anymore. Modern apps need efficient and secure communication through web APIs to provide a rich experience to your users! We can help you to move your web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends into the cloud with Azure App Service.

Benefits for moving to the Azure App:

  • Cloud-hosted and scalable
  • Modular and loosely coupled
  • Fully managed services
  • Automatic patching
  • Optimized for scale
  • Optimized for autonomous agility by subsystem
  • Built on deployment and DevOps
  • Enhanced DevOps, like slots and deployment strategies

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Turn legacy applications into business drivers

Prepare for legacy migration

  • Assess your application ecosystem.
  • Align with business needs.
  • Minimize disruption, reduce costs, and optimize speed.

Identify your cloud migration strategy

  • Lift and shift to run as-is in the cloud.
  • Cloud-enabled virtual automation for cloud-optimized applications.
  • DevOps transformation for microservices and transformed processes.

Transform in the cloud

  • Take advantage of expert advisory, assessments, and accelerators.
  • Execute application migrate to support your business drivers.
  • Achieve positive outcomes for IT and the business.

Meet Our Experts

Luke Harrigan

I am a cloud expert be it public, private or hybrid. I work with clients from across the globe and ensure they have the right solution for their business. With my varied background ranging from programming to service delivery. I often bring a different view that although focuses on technology also supports our clients business need for accelerated delivery.