Capgemini 50/50: Transform E-Business Suite to Cloud in 50 days

Future Proof with Capgemini 50/50 on Oracle Cloud

Reducing TCO whilst providing a supported platform for growth and ensuring the platform is supported are all common
challenges for businesses adopting a cloud first strategy. For enterprises using E-Business Suite, evaluating a migration to SaaS
will surface some additional considerations:
• Mature business processes tightly coupled with the E-Business Suite implementation
• Critical E-Business Suite customisations which are not delivered in standard SaaS
• Significant investment required to continue hosting and refreshing hardware to retain E-Business Suite

Capgemini 50/50 meets these challenges by preserving critical business processes and allowing you to continue to leverage your investment in E-Business Suite whilst reducing TCO through migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With E-Business Suite supported beyond 2030, Capgemini 50/50 enables your business with:
• Reduced CapEx for your solution
• Reduced OpEx for your applications
• Zero mandatory business changes
• An innovation platform for strategic business goals
• Improved resilience, availability and performance
• Elimination of future platform refreshes