Point of Sale is not just the checkout line – it’s whenever and wherever a shopper decides to buy

Pursuing the omnichannel customer journey

The market for POS solutions has changed dramatically. Retailers seek an optimized customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints, and test new technologies to find the best fit. But is trial and error working?

Likewise, acquisitions, AI, omni-channel strategies, TCO demands, introduction of cloud-based POS solutions and requests for real time analytics capabilities are further transforming the industry.

And in the process retailers are getting more and more confused about the route to take in selecting a new POS solution.

A proven POS vendor evaluation methodology and tool

Because retailers are increasingly confused about selecting new vendors and many lack the knowledge and experience to carry out internal evaluations, Capgemini has developed a tool and proven evaluation methodology to help accelerate the selection process.

The Capgemini POS tool, supported by Intel, is a crucial part of this process. For over more than ten years, Capgemini has refreshed tool vendor, technology and requirements data, and, as an objective, agnostic integrator, polls all global and select regional POS vendors regularly for extensive and up-to-date information about their offerings, their capabilities and maturity. Capgemini integrates this data within the tool and exploits this information to provide retailers with a ranked shortlist of POS vendors that best meet their requirements in weeks rather than months.

And now, with over 600 vendor inputs that are matched to customer requirements, this refreshed version of the POS tool incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) as well as Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) considerations and insights.

Retailers want to provide their customers with a seamless and frictionless shopping experience. A modern POS should support full integration with all downstream and side stream systems in order to meet today’s and tomorrow’s customer demands.

Capgemini Point-of-Sale Experience & Service Offering

  • Global Retail Competence Center (including POS capabilities) in Netherlands with over 80 professionals
  • POS Selection Tool containing over 20 solutions from both regional and international POS vendors
  • Industrialized POS selection process (RFI and RFP)
  • Capgemini POS Implementation Framework
  • Retailer testimonials from companies who have already benefited from our capabilities
  • Global Capgemini community of Retail experts

The Smart Digital Store

Capgemini views POS as the beating heart of the store, both online and offline. Therefore, the POS tool plays a crucial role in Capgemini’s Smart Digital Store proposition – a set of ready-made solutions and reference architectures that bring together the customer, store employee, product and physical store itself.

Interested?  For more information, please contact our Smart Digital Store experts

Martin van Vugt
Principal Consultant
Consumer Products & Retail Capgemini
Email: martin.van.vugt@capgemini.com

Revathy Rajendran
Business Development Lead | The Smart Digital Store
Email: revathy.rajendran@capgemini.com

Also visit the Smart Digital Store website 


Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Point of Sale is not just the checkout line – it’s whenever and wherever a shopper decides to buy

Since most retailers perform a POS evaluation only once every 10 to 15 years, there is limited knowledge and experience available to complete an internal evaluation.

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Point of Sale: the heart of retailing

Retail industry consolidations, omnichannel strategies, demand for lower TCO, Cloud-based POS, and requests for real time analytics have transformed the industry.

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