Reflect IoD

Building Information Modeling for Operators

The only platform integrating natively 1D to 3D, Geographical Information and IoT data, therefore managing the asset’s Internet of Dimensions (IoD) along its lifecycle.

A BIM platform to enhance operational efficiency and meet compliance and safety standards for your buildings or infrastructure assets.

ReflectIoD is a cloud-based and secure Digital Twin Platform that enables data-centric collaboration for building and infrastructure operations and maintenance. The platform integrates natively 1D to 3D, point cloud, geographical information, and IOT data while offering value-added services to improve operations.

The platform offers multiple data and business-oriented services including:

  • Validation of multi-source data quality, data consistency reports and data validation workflows
  • Data exposition: Data segregation as-per user profile, full text and semantic search
  • Virtual training, asset revamping, IoT alerts, support to diagnosis, inspection and field operations
  • Design reviews, handover, commissioning and remote assistance.

Highlights of Reflect-IoD

  • It is a highly scalable cloud native platform.
  • It integrates Autodesk Forge APIs and geographical information systems.
  • It integrates Capgemini’s platforms such as X-IoT for device management, and Andy 3D for visualization of hybrid 3D data.
  • It can be configured according to industry and project specific requirements.
  • It is adaptable to agile and incremental implementation methods.
  • Reflect-IoD is BIM/IFC and ISO 55000 compliant.

Reflect-IoD is a plug-and-play solution and it can be set up within a week with incremental scope of data and use cases. Watch this video to get a view of the platform in action.

Reflect IoD brochure

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