Robotic Process Automation for Financial Services

Improve the efficiency and speed of your core business processes with Capgemini’s nine pillar approach to robotic process automation

Speed Up Key Business Processes

Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies are transforming core operations to address significant industry disruptions from FinTechs and digital. Optimizing operations and improving efficiencies means more than just upgrading systems or outsourcing processes—it means innovation. One way to innovate is by using robotic process automation to improve the speed and accuracy of core business processes.

Industry research has shown that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can drive 25-50% cost savings by automating data intensive, repetitive tasks, and by improving the accuracy and efficiency of process execution. RPA is a software-based approach. As a virtual worker, RPA replicates user actions to reduce or eliminate human intervention in mundane, repetitive, and manually intensive processes. By automating these manual processes, financial institutions can improve efficiency and accuracy. In addition, virtual workers can be deployed 24/7 reducing latency and driving higher levels of productivity.

Learn more about robotics process automation by yiewing the video.

Capgemini’s Approach for RPA Solutions

Capgemini has successfully delivered more than 30 successful RPA implementations, automating more than 800 processes. With this experience, we’ve established a structured approach to building RPA solutions. Our nine pillar approach helps financial institutions define an RPA roadmap, select appropriate tools, create a pilot, set an operating model, perform governance, set up the right team and test the solution before launch. Using this approach, we’ve helped our clients:

  • Implement an RPA solution within 6-8 weeks
  • Lower costs by up to 65%
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with minimal IT development
  • Create an RPA Center of Excellence with guidelines for assessment, design, development, and deployment of robots

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World-Class FS Domain Expertise for Your RPA Engagement

Capgemini has successfully rolled out RPA programs with top insurers and retail banks across the globe and can offer:

  • Over 200 dedicated RPA specialists with experience delivering solutions specific to banking, financial services and insurance
  • Experience building proofs of concepts for core banking and insurance processes
  • Proven ability to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts through our proven Center of Excellence framework
  • Large pool of LEAN professionals
  • End-to-end delivery and maintenance services with flexible support from product specialists
  • Speed to Market with evolved accelerators for every lifecycle phase that can be modified to suit customer requirements
  • Partnerships with key RPA product vendors including Blue Prism, NICE, OpenSpan (now part of Pega), and UiPath
  • Strategic partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and Amazon for creating and delivering advanced, cognitive intelligence enabled automation solutions.

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