Robotics as a Service delivers industry flexibility

Technology evolution. Every part of our lives and livelihood expects it. And evolving technologies in robotics impacts our lives as well. But how does robotic automation evolve without huge investments in equipment purchases, line changeouts and retoolings? How can robotics be deployed to help produce a variety of customized products across a changing product line, while being productive and cost effective?

Robots can be used to increase productivity in manufacturing, but the typical robot is highly specialized for a particular task. It’s ill-suited to the evolving requirements of a manufacturing plant that might have 25 assembly lines and produces a diverse range of products. Capgemini helps create flexible solutions for use in industrial environments, assisting employees with some of their most challenging tasks.

Robotics as a Service

Capgemini integrates its Teach Robot Yourself  “TRY” software, machine learning and Intel technology with leading robotics innovators to create flexible and programmable robotic solutions that help manufacturers and other technology businesses assist workers, increase productivity and improve ROI. Capgemini’s Robotics as a Service (RaaS) enables businesses to affordably procure, adapt and deploy robots for use cases across many different industries using a flexible AI enhanced service model.

RaaS enables companies to acquire robotics capabilities without making a heavy up-front investment

  • Capgemini’s TRY software and training enables operators to program robots themselves
  • Capgemini’s versatile XIoT platform, developed in collaboration with Intel, enables industrial data collection and processing from a single dashboard
  • The solution easily integrates with other systems, and is ideal for use in assembly lines dealing with diverse products or tasks.

Interested in this solution or other Smart Services?

To deploy IoT enabled robotics capabilities without making heavy up-front investments or to learn more, contact one of our industry experts.

Philippe Ravix
Digital Manufacturing – Head of Architecture

Charles Cote
North America and Latin America XIoT Solution Architect

Fabrice Robert
Head of Robotics as a Service (RaaS) Digital Engineering & Manufacturing Services

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Democratizing Robotics

Working with Capgemini has enabled Kinova to transform its business to enter the industrial market, and Kinova is now hiring talent to grow its new division dedicated to the market. The companies are working together to explore new opportunities in Asia, Europe and North America.

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