Saving through a crisis with Capgemini

A sound approach for blending cost savings and investment in your application services

Take control in this new normal

These difficult economic times are affecting every industry and each individual business. Many are unsure in how to proceed in this new normal – facing waves of negative macro-economic factors, which largely lie outside of their control.

To effectively weather this storm, many successful CIOs are concentrating on what is within their control. This means cost savings in the here and now, and transformation and investment in their future.

Capgemini’s Cost Savings offer: A comprehensive strategy for assessing, analyzing, and activating cost savings

Capgemini’s methodology for achieving the most effective cost savings and investment balance is a three-phase approach that fully addresses your cost-savings and transformation agenda – from strategy to execution. These three phases include:

  • Assessing and Defining your IT Strategy and Planning with Capgemini’s IT Cost Strategy
  • Analyzing and Detailing your IT Landscape Transformation with Capgemini’s eAPM
  • Activating and Delivering your overall IT Services with Capgemini’s ADMnext

Assessing and Defining IT Strategy and Planning with Capgemini’s IT Cost Strategy

Capgemini’s IT Cost Strategy employs an immediate, inventive approach for delivering IT cost savings. This enables you to take full control of your IT and achieve substantial cost savings in an agile and sustainable way – so your business can adjust – and then forge ahead and lead in this new normal.

Analyzing and Detailing IT Landscape Transformation with Capgemini’s eAPM

Capgemini’s economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM) identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities and baselines and benchmarks your IT spend. eAPM empowers you to take control of your IT assets, radically improve IT performance, and get transformation initiatives moving ahead at full speed.

Activating and Delivering overall IT Services with Capgemini’s ADMnext

Capgemini then activates all available levers and delivers results on the ground with ADMnext. Capgemini’s ADMnext is a full stack of Disruptive, Business Insightful, Transformation, and Adaptive ADM Services that drives efficiency and continuous improvement, along with a commitment to reduce your TCO by 20-50%.

In combining Capgemini’s IT Cost Strategy, eAPM, and ADMnext, we can help you navigate these difficult economic times and emerge more resilient than ever. Capgemini has already been working with clients to deliver rapid cost savings in applying our model across the following key areas:

  • Operational Efficiency [15-20%]
  • Industrialization [35-55%]
  • Intelligent Automation [45-70%]
  • Scaled Distributed Delivery Model [5-10%]
  • Application Decommissioning [10-20%]
  • Portfolio Optimization [20-25%]
  • Vendor Consolidation [30-40%]
  • Captive Setup/Integration [30-40%]

The Saving through a crisis with Capgemini podcast

ADM experts Gary James, Randy Potter, and Pavan Prabhakar take you on a deep dive into Capgemini’s Cost Savings offer in The Saving through a crisis with Capgemini podcast below.

They discuss how Capgemini’s Cost Savings offer can bring you rapid cost optimization in the here and now – and transform your application services – and future business – as a whole.

Listen below to find out more.

Learn more about how you can take control in this new normal and balance your desired cost savings and future transformation with Capgemini by downloading the brochure below. 

ADMnext Cost Optimization

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