Smart Workspace Collaboration with Intel Unite

A Smart Workspace needs a Smart Conference Room.

The combined power of Sogeti and Intel have developed the Smart WorkSpace, an innovative suite of services that create a tailored solution to unlock the true value of a connected workforce. Smart WorkSpace creates a digital-ready workforce that boosts end-user productivity, improves business agility, addresses environmental objectives,and reduces overall IT costs.Smart Workspace makes the most of every meeting using Intel Unite® to connect and collaborate.

Meeting Challenges:

  • Meetings are slow to start as presenters must locate and physically connect their devices to the conference room display.
  • Each time a new presenter takes control, meetings are further delayed as participants disconnect/reconnect. Productivity may grind to a halt if a compatible connection cannot be found.
  • Remote participants log into meetings on un-managed connections, possibly compromising security.

Wireless Collaboration Starts with Intel Unite®

Whether your team members are seated around the table or calling in from half a world away, the Intel Unite solution provide a a smart, secure, connected meeting space. Start meetings faster, hand off control more easily, and collaborate with confidence, knowing your presentation data is secure, and participant access is tightly managed through the powerful Intel® technologies.

Smart Meetings Start Fast and Stay on Track

With this innovative combination – an Intel Core vPro processor based mini-PC in the meeting space and the Intel Unite® app on each client device – team members can get busy quickly and stay focused.

  • Cut the cords – In-room participants can instantly connect to projectors, interactive whiteboards or other displays, or all parties can view presentations on their individual devices. The daily dongle scramble is a thing of the past.
  • Moderated Sessions – The Moderated feature allows participants to take control of meetings or sessions by grouping functionality into three different roles: Moderator, Presenter, or Viewer.
  • Application Sharing – Select from a list of running applications and share that content only. All other content will be hidden from the audience.
  • Peer-to-peer sharing – The meeting leader can hand off control as needed – to up to four presenters – enabling others to share their own screens wirelessly.
  • Everyone’s on the same page – Distribute, review, and amend files together in real time. Later, transfer those files to all participants so that everyone has the most recent copy

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