Social Distance using AI driven blue eye solution by Capgemini

As the world begins to return to the new normal, are you looking for a robust solution to help guarantee a safe shopping or working environment?  Among control measures, social distancing is the best way to fight Covid19 propagation.

With our joint blue eye solution by Capgemini powered by Intel technology, we help ensure people’s physical safety during visits to private or public places, and help avoid new or long-term lockdowns.

Thanks to embedded camera and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms developed within an Intel framework dedicated to deep learning, this smart little box monitors, automatically and without any data sharing, distances between individuals and warns everyone in case they get too close, and detects if someone is not wearing a mask.

The alarm system plays a part in proper spacing awareness and triggers an audible alarm and flashing light to encourage appropriate distancing or to notify if a mask is missing: it helps fulfill the collective responsibility between individuals, the business, and public policies.

For each and every user, the blue eye solution becomes a companion decision support system that is easily and quickly adopted across a global enterprise’s environment.

Easily deploy the blue eye solution in:

  • Plants, shopfloors, warehouses, stores, malls …
  • Lobbies, labs, offices …
  • Public places: train stations, airports, museums, banks …
  • Construction sites: buildings, public works, railways, bridges, infrastructures …

Brief video about this deployed social distancing and monitoring solution:


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Find out more about our partnership alliance with Intel

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