ADMnext – Enabling Infinite Possibilities

Business-focused ADM Services that accelerate growth and support your non-stop drive to business excellence

In today’s chaotic digital marketplace, consumers are more demanding than ever – and customer application loyalty has almost become synonymous with customer brand loyalty.

This means that forward-thinking businesses are looking to their Application Services and IT functions to create the experiences their customers want, while consistently bringing more business value by:

  • Driving more disruption, innovation, and change
  • Reducing complexity and providing easy-to-consume services
  • Developing a collaborative eco-system to broker services for the business
  • Moving away from operational activities to better support the organization’s strategy.

Introducing ADMnext: ADM Services for the digital age and beyond

At its core, ADMnext is a full stack of capabilities that include:

  • Adaptive ADM Services
  • Modernization Services
  • Business Insightful Services
  • Emerging Services & Products.

These services are underpinned by a comprehensive library of Organizational Assets and Enablers. ADMnext employs a targeted focus on business and transformation that is formulated around your key business imperatives. These business imperatives are crucial for optimizing your “here-and-now,” while innovating and disrupting the future, including:

  • Driving cost reduction and continuous improvement
  • Developing a “fit for future” agile IT estate
  • Leading the industry
  • Leveraging new technology.

Get the future you want and innovate upon current trends shaping tomorrow’s markets

Our experts will collaborate with your teams to develop a business-value-focused Application Services and IT strategy that will enable you to capitalize on all the current trends that are shaping tomorrow’s markets. Our clients continue to choose ADMnext because we listen, innovate, and deliver at the right cost – earning their trust and loyalty in the process.

Download the brochure on the right to find out how we can transform your Application Services and IT function to deliver all the business results you’re looking for.

ADMnext Brochure

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What we offer

ADMnext for Electric Utilities

ADMnext for Electric Utilities

Powering your future business: Helping you stay ahead of all the trends – and stand behind...

An innovative, business-focused Agile & DevOps model from ADMnext

An innovative, business-focused Agile & DevOps model from ADMnext

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Capgemini’s Design Office: A systematic approach to innovation and transformation

Capgemini’s Design Office: A systematic approach to innovation and transformation

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Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform

Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Platform

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Cloud Modernization with ADMnext

Cloud Modernization with ADMnext

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economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM)

economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM)

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End-to-end business assurance with embedded Quality Engineering in ADMnext

End-to-end business assurance with embedded Quality Engineering in ADMnext

Bringing the future to your customers – faster than ever

Saving through a crisis with Capgemini

Saving through a crisis with Capgemini

A sound approach for blending cost savings and investment in your application services

Sustainable Enterprise IT Transformation with ADMnext

Sustainable Enterprise IT Transformation with ADMnext

Reaping the benefits of clean applications and IT for a sustainable and profitable future

Thought Leadership

Enabling the citizen developer

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Success Stories – ADM services aligned with your business goals

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Exploit and support the latest technologies and platforms

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Align with your industry and business requirements

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Optimize and secure the estate

ADMnext can help drive efficiency, and resiliency throughout your organization as a whole.

Accelerate future change

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Power efficiency, continuous improvement, and cost reduction

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