Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation Drive

Capgemini’s “Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation Drive” offerings provide an end-to-end, seamless way to harness the full value of infrastructure automation, so clients can increase efficiency, cut costs, improve quality, explore new opportunities, and accelerate digital transformation in a controlled way.

Most IT departments have been implementing automation gradually and incrementally for years, yet very few have achieved a level of maturity that allows them to take advantage of advanced automation capabilities such as service orchestration, cognitive autonomics, and artificial intelligence (AI). As a result they are missing an opportunity to achieve the full business value of automation.

Our “Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation Drive” resources assist you at every step of your automation journey, regardless of your initial maturity level—from run book automation, to process automation, to advanced capabilities such as autonomics, cognitive autonomics, and AI. We automate your IT landscapes through innovative solutions and services, leading you to the business benefits of the digital enterprise.

Capgemini Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation Drive: A More Intelligent Approach

Capgemini can provide the following Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation capabilities and resources for infrastructure automation:

  • Services to optimize the automation of current IT processes: Capgemini can assist you with automating a wide range of traditional IT tasks and processes.
  • Services to plan and execute your digitalization journey: Capgemini offers a Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation advisory and implementation service that transform and enable the digital enterprise, from roadmap planning to a broad range of services that provide the tools, technologies, and expertise to add intelligence to infrastructure automation.
  • The Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation Reference Architecture, which underpins all services, is an integrated, modular, multi-faceted platform populated with best-of-breed integrated technology from Capgemini and world-class partners.

The Capgemini advantage

Whatever your current level of maturity with automation and autonomics, Capgemini can help you achieve your current business goals and harness new advancements as they emerge—because Capgemini is the one partner that combines ALL of the following capabilities and advantages:

  • End-to-end capabilities: We can take you across the entire Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation journey regardless of your initial maturity level.
  • Real expertise, real platform, proven in real-world deployments: Capgemini has expertise in every facet of automation and can provide a plug-and-play platform that has been used internally and in client deployments around the world.
  • Vendor-agnostic, best-of-breed approach: Capgemini’s approach is open and incorporates the best solutions and technologies available from our world-class ecosystem partners, including BMC, Cisco, EMC, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Prosodie, Redwood, VMware, and many others.
  • Integrated infrastructure services that incorporate, complement, and add value to the automation capabilities.
  • Unprecedented flexibility: You can select individual services for immediate needs without the concern that they will create new siloes or incompatibilities later; you can choose combinations of services without having to deal with organizational red tape; and you can choose on-premises deployment or cloud-based models for many service offerings, giving you a new range of cost optimization options. We can also work with your existing technology choices where required.
  • The “what” AND the “how”: Capgemini can provide expert advice and assistance in what needs to be automated to achieve your business goals and how to actually build and deploy the optimal solution, beyond the technology to include the people and process changes, and we can implement and manage it for you. We are a single source for comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that incorporate multiple solutions, services, and suppliers.
  • Global reach, local resources: Capgemini can deliver services virtually anywhere in the world and scale up as required to meet your growing needs.
  • Support for bimodal IT: Capgemini’s innovation model helps you embrace a bimodal IT approach that allows for both the creation of innovative agile systems and the management of the traditional systems.
  • Future-ready technology: Capgemini can help you achieve your immediate business goals and implement new technologies and solutions as they emerge, at your own pace.

Capgemini: Deep expertise and experience in Automation

  • 170+ Capgemini clients now using our Automation solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services Automation solutions currently managing 45,000+ servers, 40 PB of storage, 23 cloud platforms, 1M end-user devises
    • 14,000+ situation monitoring sensors and probes across multiple technologies
    • 100,000 lines of code developed for Smart Correlation using Intelligent Analytics Sensor
    • 2500+ Memory packs for 200+ IT processes
    • 2500+ Identified Patterns building Neural Reflexes using heterogeneous technologies
    • 600+ DevOps code repository for varied functions like development, build, test and product workflows
  • 70% reduction in Event-to-Incident ratio via use of Intelligent Sensors with enrichment mechanism
  • 1800+ incidents/month eliminated with Intelligent Sensors with analytics
  • 35% reduction in incidents on a scale of 39K incidents using machine learning and neural reflexes
  • 100K contacts passed to service desk using Virtual Agent and Odigo Platform—growing at 100% YoY

Learn how Capgemini’s comprehensive approach is the right approach to maximizing the business value of smarter Automation. Contact us today.