Connected Collaboration

Working better, together.


Bringing people together to share insights and ideas benefits everyone. It improves employee engagement, morale, job satisfaction, and productivity. It helps your business identify and solve problems faster. It accelerates the creation of new products and services that delight customers, drive sales, and cut costs. Capgemini’s Connected Collaboration services are all about bringing people together for better business results.

Multiple capabilities, flexible delivery

Our solutions deliver an end-to-end, seamlessly connected, personalized, integrated experience across all user-preferred collaboration interfaces, including cloud-based digital productivity suites that incorporate leading communication and social collaboration tools. Our offerings blend the following:

Connected Collaboration

  • Cloud-first strategy: All underlying services in the Connected Collaboration portfolio are designed to complement your cloud-first strategy. Our offerings give you streamlined access to the latest and most popular cloud-based collaboration solutions from Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and many more.
  • Smart, secure collaboration: We enable employees to connect and collaborate seamlessly to increase productivity, efficiency, and ideation, helping them achieve your business goals more quickly and completely.
  • Experience Analytics via the Employee Experience Index:  By leveraging the Capgemini Employee Experience Framework alongside the Connected Collaboration component, you can accurately measure and track employee perceptions about their experience, balanced against insights from various systems, enabling you to improve continuously.
  • Any Device, Anywhere capabilities that increase freedom of choice for end-users.

A great collaboration yields great business results.

Connected Collaboration services deliver a wide range of benefits for end-users, IT, and the business. Now you can:

  • Track projects in a simple, consistent and compliant way
  • Generate more and better ideas in less time
  • Increase efficiency and transform great ideas into great products and services sooner
  • Engage employees and improve their satisfaction and retention rates
  • Improve flexibility and extend collaboration to customers and partners
  • Cut costs through infrastructure and licensing optimization
  • Elevate your reputation as an innovator

The big advantage: It’s all connected.

Connected Collaboration is one of the four core elements of our Connected Employee Experience portfolio that can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your requirements. The others include Connected Workplace, Connected Office, and Connected Support. Each element provides multiple offers that are secure by design; each complements and adds value to the others.

Connect with us and see for yourself.

The best way to understand the capabilities of Connected Collaboration offerings is to see them in action at our Connected Employee Experience Showcase facilities. Come and see a live demo, or contact us for details on how to access our virtual environment.


Connected Employee Experience

Brochure: Connected Collaboration

Bringing people together for better business results.


Connected Employee Experience

Capgemini and HPE bring new capabilities into workplace mobility and mobile workspaces to provide the right foundation for an organization’s digital transformation.

Connected Employee Experience

Brochure: Connected Support

Personalized support when, where, and how you need it.

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