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Give your employees smarter, easier, more efficient ways to interact with your office environment

Surround your employees with great experiences

Expectations about the “office experience”, including home offices are changing quickly. Organizations need to allow new ways of working, improve office safety, lower real estate costs, reduce the environmental footprint, and get better information about building usage patterns. At the same time, employees want better office experiences that allow them to get more done in less time, with less hassle. They need:

  • Flexible, intelligent space, adjusted to their needs
  • Fast, reliable access to high-performance networks
  • Hassle-free booking of desks, meeting rooms, and conferencing tools
  • Smart, secure ways to communicate and collaborate with colleagues
  • Omni-channel access to all tools and perks
  • Responsive, personalized service and support

Four categories of services, unlimited possibilities

Capgemini’s Connected Office Services take the office experience to a higher level for employees and visitors in any office environment, including home offices.

With Connected Office, you can deliver personalized, data-driven, intelligent solutions that bring productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty to new heights. The portfolio includes services categorized into four domains: Enterprise Connectivity, Employee and Visitor Experiences, Smart Building, and Smart Spaces.

Connected Office

  • Enterprise Connectivity services ensures your network is well designed, providing high performance and strong security for both traditional and IoT endpoints.
  • Employee and Visitor Experiences services help you improve communication and productivity and demonstrate to employees and visitors that you care about the experience of everyone who interacts and collaborates across your business.
  • Smart Building services give you new options for optimizing space allocation, rightsizing the office environment, improving safety, reducing the environmental footprint, driving automation, and improving the employee experience.
  • Smart Spaces services are focused on improving everyone’s interactions with their surroundings. We bring together everything needed to improve the speed and efficiency of everyone’s interactions with their surroundings

A great office experience makes great business sense

Connected Employee Experience Hub Platform delivers unified digital workplace experience by providing seamless access to facilities/real estate/IT/HR services, and more.  Everyone wins with Connected Office.


  • Harnesses the IoT, analytics, and intelligence to improve facilities management
  • Predictive analytics optimizes demand & capacity planning allowing to right-size office
  • Optimized infrastructure delivering extra value and seamless employee experience
  • Lower real estate costs and improve office safety


  • Faster, easier collaboration with colleagues in different locations
  • Enhanced employee experience helps attract & retain top talent
  • Improved communication between employees and organization
  • Radically improved experience in home and office environments
  • Sigle pane of glass access to self-services


  • Lower carbon footprint & power consumption fosters achieving net-zero business strategy
  • Improved brand image thanks to more productive and satisfied employees
  • Provides insights allowing us to make informed decisions faster
  • Continuously improve reputation and business results

The big advantage: It’s all connected

 Connected Office is one of the four core elements of our Connected Employee Experience portfolio that can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your requirements. The others include Connected Workplace,  Connected Collaboration, and Connected Support. Each element provides multiple offers that are secure by design; each complement and adds value to the others.

Connect with us for an amazing office experience

The best way to understand the capabilities of Connected Workplace offerings is to see them in action at our Connected Employee Experience Showcase facilities. Come and see a live demo, or contact us for details on how to access our virtual environment.


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Brochure: Connected Office

Smarter, simpler ways to interact with your surroundings.

cloud infrastructure services

Brochure: Connected Employee Experience

Great experiences deliver great business results.

Connected Employee

Capgemini named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services, Europe

Capgemini is delighted to have been positioned as a leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services (MWS), Europe.

Connected Employee Experience

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Bringing people together for better business results.

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