Connected Support

Personalized services when and how you need them

The digital age has transformed the definition of great support. Employees expect their service desk experience to every bit as responsive, personalized, and efficient as their support interactions with major consumer brands. These expectations often leave them disappointed.

Capgemini has designed a transformative support experience – Connected Support services, providing personalized services when and how you need them.

Flexible, personalized, user-centric support through automated self-help services                       

The Connected Support portfolio consists of three offers that are all dedicated to delivering a more productive workforce and lower support costs.

Connected Support Services

  • My Service Desk provides a personalized user experience with a seamless omnichannel interface that adapts to the user’s preferences and behaviors using predictive and proactive self-service capabilities.
  • Smart Hands Support provides on-site support when and where needed to provide the right skills to support business-critical events.
  • Direct Ship services ensure that your employees remain productive by delivering IT systems, devices, or other assets needed by your employees, often overnight, to meet needs that cannot be resolved remotely online.

Introducing CHIP, your new AI digital assistant

CHIP, at the heart of our innovative solution, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Agent able to maintain a natural conversation with the user through multiple channels (messaging app, website, mobile app, or telephone network).  It helps you stay connected and ensure your IT and office work environment is fit for use.

Capgemini Advantages

  • Higher productivity through a zero-touch approach that identifies and resolves problems faster
  • Business Process improvement through the Business Value Manager, which generates more and better ideas in less time
  • Accelerated innovation via CHIP, which helps you transform great ideas into great products and services sooner
  • Balanced Service (quality and cost), allowing you to lower support costs through infrastructure and licensing optimization
  • Best contract experience via omni-channel capabilities: We enable employees to access IT support through their preferred channel, wherever they are and whatever device they are using.
  • User motivation increase due to better user experience and higher satisfaction rates that drive higher retention rates
  • Predictive and proactive service, allowing you to identify and mitigate issues before they become widespread
  • Support anywhere: Direct Ship can reach users at their homes

The big advantage: It’s all connected

Connected Support is one of the four core elements of our Connected Employee Experience portfolio that can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your requirements. The others include Connected Workplace, Connected Office, and Connected Collaboration. Each element provides multiple offers that are secure by design; each complements and adds value to the others.

Connect with us for an amazing experience

The best way to understand the capabilities of Connected Support offerings is to see them in action at our Connected Employee Experience Showcase facilities. Come and see a live demo, or contact us for details on how to access our virtual environment.                                                                                          



Connected Employee Experience

Brochure: Connected Support

Personalized support when, where, and how you need it.


Connected Employee Experience

Capgemini and HPE bring new capabilities into workplace mobility and mobile workspaces to provide the right foundation for an organization’s digital transformation.

Connected Employee Experience

Brochure: Connected Collaboration

Bringing people together for better business results.

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