Connected Workspace

Your apps and data, your way

Give your employees a digital experience that gives your business a distinct edge.

Today, four generations of employees are at work, from baby boomers to generation Z, all of whom have different preferences and expectations of their workplace. But they all want their work applications to be easy to access, easy to use, and personalized, delivering the same experience they have on their own devices.

Capgemini’s Connected Workspace brings flexibility to the work environment. It lets employees work anytime, anywhere, using any device–company-issued or personal—with personalized support whenever employees need help.

Four categories of services, infinite possibilities

The Connected Workspace includes services across four broad categories, including endpoint management, OS services, application services, and cloud workspace.

Connected Workplace

  • Endpoint Management Services: Capgemini helps you digitally modernize the workspace experience with a portfolio of services that harness advanced data science to enhance the employee experience and deliver proven capabilities, including Analytics and Self-healing, Unified Endpoint Management, Asset Intelligence, and Device-as-a-Service offerings.
  • OS Services: Capgemini uses analytics and persona-based provisioning to customize the OS, improving the employee experience, and increasing productivity instantly. We harness a wide range of capabilities, including automation of OS installation and provisioning, VDI templating, reliable evergreen support and tracking, and more.
  • Application Services: Our unified, intuitive Application Portal provides your employees with an exceptional self-service experience. Our Application Assessment, Application Transformation, Application Deployment, and Patch & Release Management services harness analytics and automation to provide insights to your organization and actionable intelligence on OS deployments and applications.
  • Cloud Workspaces Services: Capgemini uses analytics extensively to identify and highlight opportunities for virtualization of desktops or applications enabling you to take maximum advantage of virtual technologies to enhance the workspace experience.

A great experience yields great business results.

 Everyone wins with the Connected Workspace:

  • IT can provide a better, more flexible, consumerized service; broaden its provisioning strategy; cut costs; and improve its reputation as an innovation partner to the business.
  • Employees have flexible service, making them feel more engaged, satisfied, productive, and loyal—so you are more likely to attract and retain top talent.
  • The business can safely allow more employees to work remotely, scale up and down to meet demand, and facilitate cultural alignment among diverse groups of employees. The company is also better positioned to quantify productivity gains, improve processes, and achieve the aggressive performance goals of its digital transformation roadmap.

The big advantage: It’s all connected

 Connected Workspace is one of the four core elements of our Connected Employee Experience portfolio that can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your requirements. The others include Connected Collaboration, Connected Office, and Connected Support. Each element provides multiple offers that are secure by design; each complements and adds value to the others.

Connected with us for an amazing experience

The best way to understand the capabilities of Connected Workplace offerings is to see them in action at our Connected Employee Experience Showcase facilities. Come and see a live demo, or contact us for details on how to access our virtual environment.

Delivering the Digital Workplace: Opportunities and Challenges -Listen to the Podcast


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Brochure: Connected Workspace

Your apps and data, your way.

cloud infrastructure services

Brochure: Connected Employee Experience

Great experiences deliver great business results.

Connected Employee Experience

Brochure: Connected Collaboration

Bringing people together for better business results.

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