Data Center Transformation

The complexity of today’s data centers is overwhelming. Everything is changing at the same time—technologies, systems, staffing needs, security issues, regulatory requirements—and the pace of change keeps accelerating.

Simple, successful Data Center Transformation

Capgemini brings a unique approach to data center transformation. It’s an approach that has proven successful at many of the world’s largest enterprises.  We have the experience, methodologies, tools, and partners to help you where you need help the most: controlling the complexity of transformation.  From planning through execution of your data center transformation initiative, we can assist you every step of the way. Our approach is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Platform agnostic
  • Ensures faster and greater return on investment
  • Integrated
  • Non-disruptive
  • Tailored to customer requirements

We address all variations of data center transformation, including consolidation, relocation, migration, and we have the expertise to assist with the most complex transformation requirements, in any industry, on a global scale. Capgemini delivers Data Center Transformation services through a structured methodology focused on execution, speed, and quick wins.

Experience the difference

  • You have access to expert, collaborative teams: We channel the expertise of thousands of global professionals and leading technology partners, and we put the right tools in the hands of your teams. Our collaborative approach, driven by transformation subject matter experts (SMEs) helps you plan more effectively while also overcoming resistance to change.
  • We deliver the “what” AND the “how.” Capgemini can provide expert advice and assistance in what needs to be implemented to achieve your data center transformation goals—and we can execute and manage the strategy for you. We are a single source for comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.
  • We help you innovate. Capgemini engagements give you access to the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), a global platform that enables clients to discover, experiment, contextualize and apply the most relevant innovations. The Exchanges offer deep sector expertise to enable you to apply these innovations to your specific business context.


Listen to our expert  Jan Enestrom as he talks about the current trends in the data center transformation market and its importance in a market that is cloud focused.

Contact Capgemini today for details about our comprehensive Data Center Transformation services portfolio. We control the complexity of your transformation—so you can achieve your vision of next-generation run, quickly.


ISG Provider Lens™ and Capgemini on Art of the Possible: Data Center Freedom

ISG’s Jan Erik Aase and Capgemini’s Ryan Murphy, VP, Cloud Center of Excellence leader, discuss how a data center exit can provide the freedom to achieve business objectives. 

Data Services for Data-driven Transformation

Capgemini is the one partner that puts you solidly in control of your data so you can transition to the new world of data driven digital services quickly, cost-efficiently, and with confidence.

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