Enterprise Management Tools Transformation

Achieve Service Excellence. Radically reduce the cost, risk, disruption, and aggravation of migrating and upgrading your Enterprise Management (EM) toolset to the cloud.

Accelerate Your EM Tools Transformation

Capgemini can accelerate your Service Management migration and upgrade efforts and get you to the benefits of a digital enterprise faster—so you can accelerate your transformation to service excellence with minimal cost, risk, disruption, and delay.  We are unique in our ability to expedite your implementation schedule for a number of reasons, including:

  • Deep expertise with legacy and cloud managed services
  • Strong alliances with major enterprise management vendors
  • Standardized, proven methodology
  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Solution accelerators

In addition, we offer capabilities and credentials that neither enterprise service management vendors nor competitive managed service providers can match, including:

  • Mission-critical system experience: Our track record in managing mission-critical systems enables you to quickly and confidently achieve productivity gains, security, and resilience.
  • Global delivery and scalability: Our Rightshore® methodology, combined with the industry best practices, puts the right resource at the right location, at the right time, leading to reduced implementation costs.
  • Accelerating innovation, not just transformation: We offer resources that help you explore new innovations and the art of the possible—so you can transform your business, not just your EM system. For example, Capgemini’s global Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) facilities allow you to discover and evaluate innovations within your specific industry.
  • Experience with cloud-age integration: We have pioneered services across single and multi-vendor environments and offer advanced capabilities in aggregated and orchestrated services.

EMTT Service Offerings

  • EM Tools Migration
    • Move from your existing EM system to a different EM system using Capgemini’s proven methodology.
    • Capgemini provides a comprehensive migration solution including consulting, design, implementation and project management.

    EM Tools Upgrade

    • Upgrade your existing EM system to higher versions. Capgemini offers consulting, design,implementation and project management services leveraging its vast experience in upgrades.

    EM Tools DigiOps (Digital Operations)

    • Not only can Capgemini transform your EM tools landscape, we can also provide Business as Usual (BAU) run, maintenance and minor enhancement services, leveraging our DigiOps industrialised manged services.

Success Story

Improving Enterprise Service Management for Salling Group

The Business Value Adds Up

What truly sets Capgemini’s EM Tools Transformation offerings apart is that we’re focused on business objectives, business priorities, and business values that are at the heart service excellence. The result is tangible benefits that exceed business expectations, including:

  • Shorter project duration with lower cost and risk due to our industrialized methodology
  • Faster, more efficient migration processes through our gold build and automation accelerators
  • Minimal downtime for business services
  • Minimal disruption for employees, customers and EM processes
  • Improved employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Enhanced customer service quality

Real Customers, Real Results

Government Agency

  • 68 million records migrated in less than 10 hours (the standard tooling method takes three months)
  • 50% reduction in overall project days
  • 65% reduction in project management and data migration efforts
  • 94% reduction in change freeze ration

Leading Manufacturer

  • 10,000 end-users, 400 ITIL users, four successful upgrades conducted
  • Integrated SaaS EM tool with Identity/access manager for SSO
  • Automation of ticket assignment

Healthcare Enterprise

  • 500,000 end users migrated across six environments
  • Four complex integrations performed to the new system
  • CMDB migration: 30,000 CIs migrated in record time

Global IT Service Provider

  • One of the largest EM upgrades in the world
  • Migrated over 250 customers from legacy systems to full multi-tenant systems.
  • Completed within six months
  • 53% reduction in EM tool environments via consolidation
  • Over 50% reduction in upgrade costs

Service Excellence with  ServiceNow

Capgemini has been a Certified ServiceNow Global Alliance Partner since 2009, and today we are a ServiceNow Elite Partner.

Our 800+ ServiceNow and process consultants have substantial ServiceNow expertise gained from 300+ engagements with +150 ServiceNow Accelerators and have earned 870+ ServiceNow certifications. We have performed large-scale rollouts at Fortune 500 enterprises. To know about our partnership, and together, how we are  accelerating our clients’  journey to digital excellence, visit our partner page.


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Transforming the delivery of government services the Texas way

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