TAKT Engine

The most rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance process for your products and services has arrived. TAKT Engine is a test automation solution for equipment, software or system that simulates user experience.

Rigorous Technology Testing in No Time

Technological advances are evolving more rapidly than ever before: each year, sophisticated devices and appliances are developed in record time. One way for businesses to keep ahead of the competition is to regularly release innovative products and features.

But testing of complex technology products can be time-consuming and expensive. To ensure their product is market-ready, companies need new ways of testing more rapidly, without compromising quality and accuracy.

Discover 24/7 Automated Testing

TAKT Engine is a faster, more thorough and cost-effective alternative to manual testing. We work with you to define user cases and scenarios. The TAKT Engine robot then executes the scripts and reports on outcomes.

Thanks to our experience in automation projects, we can:

  • Reduce workload for non-regression testing by up to 60%
  • Double global volume of your functional tests
  • Reduce time needed to generate and execute test scripts
  • Connect to other testing tools in your environment
  • Integrate with PC and web applications, digital TV set top boxes, industrial applications and embedded equipments (simulators, traffic management, etc.)
  • Operate on graphical, audio and video user interfaces, databases, network protocols and wireless devices

Automated Testing of the Future, Today

Already in use by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we have the implementation experience to define a TAKT Engine system that’s right for your testing needs. All complementary testing devices and equipment are available direct from your experts at Capgemini and Sogeti.

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