Kathakali Majumdar

I ace at driving change interventions.

Young Emerging Professionals Program taught me not to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Name: Kathakali Majumdar

Job title: Team Lead – Talent Management & Development

Area of the Business: Business Services

Location: Kolkata


How did the culture of the Young Emerging Professionals Program help you to grow?

The module of the program was realistic. This created a holistic impact on my approach towards many things. Being the first-of-its-kind, simulation-based learning, it channelized a better understanding of my professional strengths and areas of development. Further, it validated a broader perspective of development areas in a well-documented scientific manner. Additionally, the content-rich Harvard Manage Mentor training modules and the amplification in related resources enabled me to stay on top of my learnings curve.


How was your experience going through a 100% virtual learning journey?

Such novel experiences are incredibly convenient, impactful, and 100% engaging. A fantastic design framework and the convenience of being self-paced further added to its credibility. The entire journey, with its multiple activities and media, kept me hooked from the very beginning. Above all, in an age where we are cramped for time, this virtual learning came as a breath of fresh air. No pressures to reach classrooms on time, no timetables; one can learn from anywhere, anytime. Such comforts are satisfyingly rare, just like my experience.


How did the program has changed your daily work and role?

The program has widened my perspective and bettered my approach to work. It has taught me not to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Adding more balance to my rational thinking, it has influenced a careful response to different situations or results. Overall, it has motivated me to keep going steady for long-term success.


What are you an ace at?

Driving change interventions while bringing a “can-do” mindset to everything I do.


How does Capgemini help support a sense of purpose in your career?

By encouraging me to utilize my strengths and uncover my potential through work that has a strong impact across different stages of the employee lifecycle. The fact that Capgemini gives me the space to explore my own professional growth that further ties into organizational development and transformation further adds to a sense of purpose in my career.

Kathakali Majumdar