Paras Gupta

Being entrepreneurial gives me the power to develop innovative, customized solutions.

Being entrepreneurial gives me the power to develop innovative, customized solutions for every requirement.

Discovering the best version of myself with Capgemini

A candid chat with Paras Gupta spoke volumes of his in-depth knowledge and positive potential. As we sat down and discussed his #LifeAtCapgemini, he spoke about his journey, which began around 2010–11. Over the years, Paras has donned several hats with equal vigour – from V&V engineer to test lead, from QA manager to program manager, and eventually, tower lead, based out of Atlanta, GA, US. We also gauged his open-hearted praises for the talent acceleration (Connect & Drive) program he attended in 2019, and how it has shaped his life, both professionally and personally.

Describe your current role at Capgemini. How has your journey been so far?

Currently, I lead the QA Delivery for a large customer, providing pre-sales support to CPRD accounts.

I was entrusted with the QA lead position post-acquisition. This opportunity soon catapulted me into several other key positions – project manager, sr. manager, and program manager in this year. I have been on a rapid journey, but the canvas of opportunities is tremendous. And now, it has expanded into sales too. This has allowed me to lead both sales and delivery from a QA standpoint.

I would like to especially acknowledge and thank my managers, for providing continuous support and trust, and Capgemini University, which offers strategically curated programs with the purpose of overall development of its associates. I feel fortunate to have been an active participant in some of these programs – an exercise that has shaped my future by leaps and bounds.

I would also like to extend my gratitude towards my extremely resourceful and talented account team. The members’ faith motivated me to take on bigger, more dynamic roles. This enabled us to successfully deliver complex CSD, SAP, cloud, and QA engagements while being integral to our business line. I am incredibly thankful to every team member who has displayed oneness. It is this beauty of the work culture at Capgemini that I love the most. After all, it’s paying attention to the smaller details that make a big difference.

What was your experience like in the Talent Acceleration (Connect & Drive) program?

Of all the programs I’ve enrolled in so far, this has, by far, been the finest learning program for me. It has shaped my thought process in multiple ways and fortified my perspectives on many things, helping me to analyze them better. Developing calmness and balance has been the other key skills I’ve learned, and these, in turn, have enabled better decision making in adverse situations.

The program has also allowed me to meet and interact with successful people and learn from their experiences first-hand. I was privileged to be part of the Capgemini CSR activity, where I could impart knowledge to underprivileged students. It was there that I experienced the real meaning of challenge, passion, and dedication through their heart-melting stories.

The well-planned program and its engagement activities brought over many professionals like me together and turned us into lifetime friends. A plethora of emotions, unexpressed in words, formed an integral part of the program. The end of the program saw me in renewed vigour – more confident and passionate than before, a certificate that stands testimony to my professional excellence, along with countless pictures, memories, and experiences with my extended family, a connection that is always abuzz on WhatsApp. And by “always,” I mean it in the literal sense.

How did the program change you? How has it changed your daily work and role?

The talent acceleration program opened new dimensions for me. I feel a new sense of confidence in having executive-level discussions. An empathic approach enables channelled talks on team-building and team-development activities. My role has now expanded beyond my BU to touching newer lives and influencing them too.

What are your key takeaways from the program?

The program has impacted me in several ways. The learning curve has been exemplary. Below are some of the key takeaways from the program:

  • Collaboration is the key to unlock new opportunities and achieve success.
  • Presentations can be much more impactful with the element of fun.
  • Every manager must strive towards honing the skills of its workforce.
  • Be more empathic and compassionate. It’ll help build a team of dedicated, long-lasting professionals.

What makes your career so special at Capgemini?

Who doesn’t love a career that enables constant learning and growth? Being entrepreneurial gives me the power to develop innovative, customized solutions for every requirement. Plus, it offers multiple opportunities to surpass my own milestones and better my skillset to scale higher.


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Paras Gupta