Suryanshu Goswami

Capgemini is among the few multi-national organizations where you find the perfect work-life balance

Gaining in-depth knowledge of different cultures and global responsibilities.

When it comes to some people, actions speak louder than words. Suryanshu Goswami is one of these people. He has been happily employed with us for the past seven years and has gained hands-on experience across diverse fields. However, he believes that it’s the recently attended talent acceleration (Connect & Drive) program that has collated his expertise and channelled it better for maximum positive results. We had an opportunity to speak with Suryanshu himself when he unveiled the secrets of the impact the program has had on his professional and personal growth

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My journey, so far, has been quite refreshing. Tapping new roles and crossing several milestones, I have been instrumental in shaping the course of several companies I have associated with. My career began as a developer after I got my degree in electronics engineering. Then, for five years, I channelled my skills across various technologies, successfully delivering projects for a host of insurance clients in North America. An exciting opportunity motivated me to complete my MBA and switch to a career in sales. Over the past decade, I have been associated with multiple roles spanning pre-sales, sales, and strategy. Currently, I am running an SBU program for Capgemini Europe – an arena that enables us to socialize with customers on novel ideas and refined strategies which help the Group accounts to innovate.

How has your career journey at Capgemini been?

I have spent some of the best years of my career with Capgemini. I joined as part of the central sales team, a core team formed by Aruna Jayanthi, who was then the CEO of Capgemini India. I began with selling into some of our large global customers. Within a year, I was promoted and I worked under the leadership of Europe account development program for Europe. Later I started ‘Innovation Drive’ under the leadership of Europe CTIO with a primary purpose of instilling innovation into the Europe Group Accounts.

When did you participate in Talent Acceleration (Connect & Drive) program? How was the experience?

I was part of the C&D program in 2017. It was an inspirational and transformational experience that cannot be expressed in words. Especially for mid-level executives like me, it proved very impactful. It has helped me view life and my career in a new light – something I could have never imagined otherwise. Another important aspect is the kind of contacts that were established through the program. They have become lifelong journeys of togetherness now.

How did the program change you? How has it changed your daily work/role?

The most important feature of the program is its innovativeness and the manner in which it hooks you. It contains elements of a business challenge, which compels you to work with diverse people around the globe in a remote collaboration mode. You get a sense of versatile cultures, their work patterns, and approaches. This helped me in fulfilling my current global role. Especially, under uncertain circumstances like the current COVID-19 situation, where people are discovering new ways of remote collaboration, the C&D program trained me for it much in advance.

What makes the Connect & Drive program special?

The program is designed to achieve results beyond work. It is all-encompassing and looks at achieving the larger goal of moving ahead as one. It shows various perspectives of growth. Deviating away from self-centric ambitions to people-centric focus. This collective approach makes it very special from the company’s growth’s point of view too.


What are your key takeaways from the program?

The entire program is designed for multi-level learning. Knowingly or abstractly, you soak in a lot of positive vibes from it. After the program, I have built the capacity of looking at things differently. The horizons of my understanding and empathy have been expanded. Also, the list of people I came across and the way I was influenced by them is another lovely take from the program. That’s going to stay with me forever.

What do you love about your career at Capgemini?

Capgemini is among the few multi-national organizations where you find the perfect work-life balance. There is abundant freedom to explore your potential to the fullest. The team of leaders and supervisors is exemplary. Their ever-motivating aura and expert guidance have shaped my career and brought me to where I stand today. All this is backed by ample opportunities to achieve the extraordinary. Making every day desirable in the office.

Suryanshu Goswami